Brewer's Advent 2023 Day 10: Wieninger - Gmoastier

350 Years of Bavarian Brewing Tradition

The Wieninger family has been brewing in the south of Bavaria for 350 years and seven generations. The family-owned brewery is located in Teisendorf, a small village not far from the delightful city of Salzburg. 

The Bavarian homeland is important to the Wieningers. All the ingredients for this wheat beer grow in the region, the hops come from the Bavarian Hallertau, the largest hop-growing region in the world. The Brewery has his own yeast strain, and the water comes from his own spring. Brewmaster Bernhard Löw brews his beers gently, ferments traditionally in open fermenting vats. He personally takes care of every brew. 

Wieninger Gmoastier

Master brewer Bernhard Löw not only brews traditional Bavarian beers such as Lager, Pilsner and wheat beer, he also enjoys experimenting, creating sophisticated beers and reinterpreting beer styles. 

The "Wieninger Gmoastier" is one such creation. Be careful, the Weizenbock is strong, 9% alcohol! The special thing about this beer is the dry hopping with four hop varieties. Hops do not usually play a major role in Bavarian wheat beers. Here it is different. The hop oils can and should come to the fore.  

Amber in color with a dense foam. On the nose, you'll find notes of banana, mandarin, and caramel. The taste is creamy with a full body, and you'll once again experience fruity notes of oranges, limes, along with the typical banana and clove aromas. It finishes with a fruity and fresh aftertaste.


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Wieninger - Gmoastier Weisser Bock Can
Pale Wheat Doppelbock
7,1% vol.
Privatbrauerei M.C. Wieninger

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