Netherlands: Pro-vaccination ad causes campaigners to boycott Heineken

Netherlands: Pro-vaccination ad causes campaigners to boycott Heineken

"The night belongs to the vaccinated"

The add was published on Thursday on social media. The commercial depicts seniors that are partying in a club with hardly any young people being around and ends with the quote "The night belongs to the vaccinated."

The statement is more of an economic strategy than a personal statement. The brewery is trying to help preventing another wave of COVID-19. In a statement, Heineken said the ad is “all about supporting the hospitality industry and getting back to the bars and restaurants safely so we can all be together again.”

However, the new campaign does not only find friends. “I wonder how many people die of alcohol related deaths compared to Covid? Terrible advert, what a shame…..,” read one of the posts on Twitter. Other users on Twitter were threatening to #BoycottHeineken and uploaded videos of themselves of pouring Heineken down their kitchen sinks.

So far Heineken is the only brewery that openly announced their opinion about the vaccination. Many other brewers are on the same page as Heineken but have taken different approaches to show it to avoid direct confrontation.

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