Rate and win the Brewer's Advent Calendar Edition 2019

Rate and win the Brewer's Advent Calendar Edition 2019

We hope you have fun with your calendar and you enjoy the information we deliver with this APP.
To improve the calendar from year to year we need your help. Rate all the beers out of the calendar - thanks of your ratings we know, which beers are great and which beers will be kicked out for the coming year edition.

Every year we improve the calendar with new beers. With the new german beerspecialities and with the most popular ones from this year, we can garanty, that the quality of the calendar is improving from year to year.

To keep you motivated, we would like to give away 10 calendars of the 2019 edition under all "BeerTasters", that have rated all beers out of the 24 beers from this year calendar.

We will pull the winners end of january, because many new BeerTaster will become the calendar as X-Mas gift. The winners will be contacted by mail and be mentioned here in the APP.

The new calendar will then be delivered in november 2019.

biersinnliche regards
Your BeerTasting Team

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