Warnings on beer bottles?

Warnings on beer bottles?

Ireland is introducing a new labeling requirement for alcoholic beverages. Every bottle or can will then have to carry warnings indicating a link between alcohol consumption and an increased risk of cancer or liver disease. The risk to unborn children from drinking alcohol during pregnancy must also be highlighted.

Italy, Spain and six other EU countries had protested when Ireland presented its plans to the European Commission. However, there were no objections from higher-level authorities, so Ireland can adopt the regulation.

Above all, the association of Italian wine producers is vehemently resisting the "discriminatory and disproportionate" regulation. Micaela Pallini, president of an association of Italian wine producers even sees a criminalization of Mediterranean agriculture "without achieving measurable and effective benefits in the fight against irresponsible consumption."

Ettore Prandini, president of Coldiretti, Italy's largest farmers' association, speaks of a direct attack against the country. Protecting the health of EU citizens, he said, "cannot be translated into simplistic decisions that risk unjustifiably criminalizing individual products regardless of the quantities consumed."

Quelle: Inside(dot)beer - http://bit.ly/3IUxkFN
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