Brewer's Advent 2023 Day 17: Dietrachinger - Schwarze Tinte


"Schwarze Tinte" is Martin Seidl’s Stout, his most important product. Martin is a jack-of-all-trades: a mechanical engineer with his own farm. In 1996 he built his own brewing plant. He also learned to brew beer self-taught, before becoming a microbrewer and founding the Dietrachtinger Brewery in Austria, not far from Salzburg. 

As a dedicated small brewer, Martin initiated the Austrian Beer Challenge (ABC) in 2003. Back then, the beer competition was only accessible to home and small breweries with an annual output of 1,000 hectoliters. Today, all Austrian breweries can submit their beers to the ABC if they are independently and privately owned.

Schwarze Tinte – Black Ink

Martin first brewed "Schwarze Tinte" (translated: black ink) in 1997 using the barley grown on his own fields. He sowed it, harvested the mature grains, and most importantly, roasted the barley himself in a huge smoker. Interestingly, Martin came up with the name when he was cleaning the lines after brewing and thought, "This looks like black ink!"

Several years ago, Martin brewed his "Tinte" in the USA, using roasted grains he brought from his Austrian homeland.

Cheers with this deep black stout. Cheers with "Schwarze Tinte"!

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Dietrachinger - Schwarze Tinte Can
6,2% vol.
Dietrachinger Brauerei

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