Brewer's Advent 2023 Day 20: Herrnbräu - Tradition

In the Birthplace of the German Purity Law.

Ingolstadt in the 17th century. The Bavarian Purity Law was about a hundred years old when the Herrnbräu brewery was founded. At that time there were about a dozen breweries in the city. They joined forces and formed one of the first joint stock companies in Germany - the "Actienbrauerei Ingolstadt". Since the 1960s, the beers have been sold under the brand name "Herrnbräu".

The range of Herrnbräu's products is characterized by various lagers. Pale lager, Pilsner, dark lager, Kellerbier (unfiltered Lager) and, for Christmas, a ‘Bockbier’ (strong Lager). A lot of wheat ales varieties complete the selection.

Herrnbräu Tradition

The famous German Purity Law was proclaimed in Ingolstadt in 1516. No wonder that the Ingolstadt brewery Herrnbräu brews a special beer every year on its anniversary, April 23: a German-Style Festbier (festival beer) called 'Tradition'. The full-bodied lager is golden in color. The first taste is delicately sweet before a subtle hop bitterness balances it out. Elegant, noble, aromatic - festive. Cheers. 

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Herrnbräu - Tradition Can
5,5% vol.

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